Red Moon Rising

a STAR WARS story

by Tony Russo
Image Credit: x-wing-fighter-wookieepedia-the-star-wars-wiki
Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Ltd. Image Source: Wookiepedia

THIRTY YEARS have passed since the Emperor died, thrown to his death by his apprentice, Lord Darth Vader.

The Galactic Civil War should have ended there, but it did not. Remnants of the Imperial regime continued to fight on, either under the auspices of former political leaders, grand admirals or something more sinister and yet undefined. A New Republic emerged from the ashes of the old, still embroiled in controversy and bitter rivalries, struggling to survive. Sometimes the only ones left to fight the lingering cancer of the Empire were mercenaries: ex-Rebel soldiers, smugglers, scouts, con artists and empowered citizens.

The RED MOONS were among these misfits, fighting the remnants of the Empire such as the Pentastar Alignment. Brixie Ergo was one of them, a medical student longing to find her missing parents, only for her search to end in tragedy. She left the Red Moons and that way of life behind, hoping to bring aid to others on her own terms. Now years have passed and Brixie must reluctantly rise to action, to be a soldier once again, not to save worlds from planetary Starkillers, but to rescue her friends. A terrible plot has surfaced, threatening to destroy the New Republic and the Resistance from within.