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The rise and annexation of The Pentastar Alignment: (4 – 12 years ABY*)

The rise of the First Order: (5 – 21 years ABY*)

The events of The Force Awakens and Red Moon Rising: (30 years ABY*)

From Wookiepedia’s entry regarding the Pentastar Alignment: The Pentastar Alignment was annexed by Admiral Gilad Pellaeon in 12 ABY, becoming part of the Imperial Remnant. The Reaper became Pellaeon’s flagship until its destruction at the Battle of Celanon in 13 ABY. Before 19 ABY, (Grand Moff Ardus) Kaine’s homeworld Sartinaynian—renamed Bastion—became the Imperial Remnant’s capital, remaining thus for over a century.**

**I had nothing to do with this Wookiepedia entry, but it does provide some insight into the many twisted webs of writing for the Star Wars universe. By absorbing the worlds and military might of the Alignment with Admiral Paelleon’s fleet to form the “Imperial Remnant”, this entry clearly connects the Pentastar Alignment with the events after Tim Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy which set off the New Republic era and a whole new plethora of Star Wars stories. I happily agree with these additions to the canon.


During the era of The New Republic and The Pentastar Alignment:

During the era of The Force Awakens:

Brixie Ergo: human female, field medic, 27 standard years old, home world Entralla, last known status: resumed medical career.

Sully Tigereye: Trunsk male, squad leader, age indeterminate, home world Trunskos, last known status: mercenary, no affiliation.

Hugo Cutter: human male, demolitions expert/ex-Imperial Engineer, 38 standard years old, home world Ago Sempex, last known status: seeking medical treatment.

Andrephan Stormcaller: human male, commanded infiltrator operations for the Rebel Alliance, 62 standard years old, home world Entralla, last known status: missing.

Lex Kempo: human male, ex-Imperial scout, home world Corellia, missing and presumed dead.

Ivey Deacon: human female, procurement specialist/data slicer, home world Saco Ulltan, missing and presumed dead.